Associate Professor Joanne Dickson
Research Lead: Motivation and Affect Regulation in Mental Health

Edith Cowan University

School of Arts and Humanities

270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup, WA,  Australia 6027 


Joanne is the Lead for the international research group, Motivation and Affect Regulation in Mental Health. Motivation and goal regulation processes are fundamental to human experience and underpin emotional vulnerability and well-being. Joanne's main research interests focus on goal motivation, future-directed thinking and affect, and how these processes impact on adolescent and adult mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, well-being). Her research examines a range of explicit and implicit goal motivation processes and associated cognitions such as expectancies, appraisals, planning and rumination to better understand affective disorders and the promotion of well-being.

Dr Peter Taylor

Clinical Lecturer
University of Manchester

Links: Research Gate page


Dr Peter Taylor currently works as a clinical lecturer at the University of Manchester. He completed both his PhD and clinical training at the University, before working for three years at the University of Liverpool as a lecturer in clinical psychology. He returned to work at Manchester in September 2016. Dr Taylor’s research focuses on the psychosocial mechanisms underlying suicide and self-harm. This work includes investigations of the affective processes surrounding self-harm and suicide (specific mood states like shame and emotional instability more generally), traits related to risk of self-harm (e.g., impulsivity), and the process by which individuals negotiate help-seeking in relation to their self-harm. A second research interest concerns psychological interventions for psychosis. This has included work concerning Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) for people with experiences of psychosis.

Dr Alyson Dodd

Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Health & Social Care

Northumbria University

Department of Psychology

Phone:  +44 (0)191 243 7250


Room 151, Northumberland Building, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, United Kingdom.

Alyson is a Senior Research Fellow in Integrated Health and Social Care. Her research investigates the links between psychological processes and mood disorders. Alyson’s specific research expertise is in the psychological mechanisms underlying mood dysregulation in non-clinical and clinical populations (i.e. bipolar disorder), quantitative research methods, psychometrics, and randomised controlled trials. Her research portfolio includes studies on i) psychological processes contributing to the development and maintenance of mania risk and bipolar disorder, ii) development and validation of psychometric measures of psychological processes, iii) development and evaluation of novel psychological interventions, and iv) student mental health. Alyson is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Dr Nick Moberly

Senior Lecturer

University of Exeter

Washington Singer Laboratories
Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road
Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK

Nick researches goal pursuit and its relationships with cognitive and affective processes, including how linkages among these systems may be disrupted in mental health conditions such as major depression. He is particularly interested in rumination as a cognitive-motivational process and the circumstances in which it may switch from being adaptive (in terms of facilitating goal pursuit) to maladaptive. Methodologically, he has developed experience-sampling methods to examine dynamic relations in people's lived experience, both in healthy and mood disordered populations.

Associate Professor Rodrigo Becerra

University of Western Australia

School of Psychological Science

35 Stirling Highway. Crawley WA 6009


Rodrigo's research area of interest is in emotions, including the assessment of emotions, emotion coherence, awareness, reactivity, regulation, alexithymia, and emotional experience and its subjective and physiological correlates. He studies emotions in both community and psychiatric samples. Applied research includes the emotion phenomena in bipolar disorders, borderline personality disorder, and other complex presentations. From a treatment point of view, Rodrigo is interested in structured therapy, mindfulness, and targeting the emotional experience and its potential role in both the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology. 

Dr David Preece

Research Fellow
Curtin University
School of Psychology
Kent Street, Bentley 6102 WA, Australia


David is psychologist and research fellow at Curtin University. His main research interests are in the assessment, understanding, and treatment of emotion-based psychopathologies. Most of his research to date has focused on alexithymia and emotion regulation. David is also passionate about developing and validating new psychometric tools, to try to make the assessment of emotional constructs more accessible for researchers and clinicians.

Professor Alfred Allan

Edith Cowan University 

School of Arts and Humanities

270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup, WA, Australia, 6027


Professor Allan qualified in law and psychology and is a registered psychologist with clinical and forensic endorsements in Australia. He has taught law, psychology and professional ethics in Law, Medical and Psychology Schools in South Africa and Australia. He has chaired several national and international ethics committees and published widely in ethics, law, psychology and psychiatry journals. He serves on the editorial committee of several journals. His main research in psychopathology examines the impact of emotion regulation on offending behaviour, especially violent behaviour.

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